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Take care of tree removal in St. Augustine, FL, by reaching out to our professional Ancient City Arbor LLC team. We provide comprehensive tree removal services, allowing you to improve the visual appeal of your property.

Our licensed and insured team handles tree removal for both commercial and residential properties. Allow us to assess your unique needs today. Call us at (904) 669-8460 to get a free estimate for removal services.

Benefits of Tree Removal in St. Augustine

Trees serve as a pivotal part of the ecosystem, and they provide natural beauty to your property. However, they may develop issues if they become damaged or diseased. In this situation, tree removal in St. Augustine helps you avoid concerns such as:

  • Insect or vermin infestations
  • Property damage
  • Potential injuries to visitors to your property

At Ancient City Arbor, our professional tree service company can help you care for all aspects of your yard.

When to Consider Tree Removal

Are you unsure about whether or not you need tree removal? Assessing the physical condition of the trees on your property allows you to determine if you should contact a full-service tree care company.

The experts recommend that you consider tree removal if you have a tree with:

  • A hollow trunk
  • An unstable structure
  • Significant fungal growth

Try to estimate the total amount of damage to your tree. Do you believe that at least 30% of the tree has sustained damage? In this situation, we recommend tree removal. Removal also allows you to deal with trees that have grown towards nearby power lines.

You can contact professionals to get an official assessment regarding the health of your tree. Our team members travel to properties throughout St. Augustine to check on trees, providing you with expert suggestions.

We Handle All Steps in Tree Removal

Are you dealing with an oak, magnolia, pine, cedar, or palm tree you want to be removed in St. Augustine? Our team handles all of these types of trees and many more. We use professional-grade equipment to complete every step in the tree removal process, including:

  • Chainsaws
  • Wood chippers
  • Trunk grinders

Technicians carefully plan out the process before beginning tree removal. We consider where the tree will fall and keep it away from structures or lawn features. After bringing down the tree, we take care of debris removal.

Our crews also get rid of the tree stump left behind by tree removal. Leaving the stump behind results in an eye-sore for your property and a tripping hazard. We use grinding tools to pulverize the stump, remove it, and leave you with useful mulch for landscaping purposes.

Get Professional Tree Removal Services

You can contact us to secure assistance with tree removal in Saint Augustine, FL. Our crews at Ancient City Arbor LLC have decades of experience handling lawn care in Florida. We provide personalized care you while offering a fair price. Call us at (904) 669-8460 to schedule your appointment.

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