Are you interested in removing dead branches and limbs from trees on your property? Our team at Ancient City Arbor LLC specializes in deadwooding, or getting rid of pieces of your trees that have died. Deadwooding improves the appearance of your trees and increases their overall safety.

You can set up an appointment for deadwooding in St. Augustine, FL, by calling us at (904) 669-8460.

Deadwooding Basics

Deadwooding refers to a kind of tree trimming. Tree care professionals complete deadwooding when they remove dead wood from your trees. You may notice branches dying on one side of your tree, which usually occurs when one side of your tree cannot get sun.

At Ancient City Arbor, our team handles all tree services in the St. Augustine area. In addition to taking care of deadwooding, you can contact us for corrective pruning and canopy reduction. We put our decades of experience to work on each tree care job we take.

Benefits of Deadwooding in St. Augustine

Deadwooding in St. Augustine comes with several benefits for property owners. Getting rid of dead branches improves the appearance of your tree. Dead branches often make a tree look unhealthy, even if it is in otherwise good condition.

Deadwooding also protects the health of your tree. Once the trunk starts to decay, the tree could end up dying. Rotting branches eventually spread the rot into the tree’s trunk, so it’s crucial to protect the tree with deadwooding if you notice dying branches.

Dead branches also attract pests and insects to your yard. Stay pest-free with regular deadwooding from the pros at Ancient City Arbor.

Protect Other People with Deadwooding

Dead branches cause damage to trees if you do not remove them in a timely fashion. Dead matter in your tree may also break off the tree, especially:

  • During storms
  • On windy days
  • In the winter months

Falling branches often cause property damage. They may even strike someone walking under the tree, leading to injuries and exposing you to the threat of a property liability lawsuit. Take steps to prevent these issues with deadwooding in St. Augustine.

Review the Deadwooding Process

Here at Ancient City Arbor LLC, we put our years of experience to work when handling deadwooding. Our technicians look at your trees to assess the number of dead branches you have when they reach your property.

We cut away dead material, boosting the health of your tree and helping you avoid the damage associated with a fallen limb. Rest assured that our crews don’t leave until they’ve cleaned all the debris away from your yard.

We also take care of more severe issues, like tree removal. You can even reach out to us for emergency tree service if a tree went down in a hurricane or storm.

Get in Touch with Deadwooding Professionals

Do you have more questions about deadwooding in St. Augustine, FL? Get professional answers from our experienced technicians when you call (904) 669-8460. Our Ancient City Arbor LLC team puts you first when you contact us for your tree service needs. Let us review your situation and offer you a free estimate.

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