Canopy Reduction

Is your yard shaded and dark year-round due to overgrown trees? It might be time to call Ancient City Arbor for canopy reduction in St. Augustine, FL. This pruning technique allows us to shape your trees, helping them grow healthily and sustainably.

Are you interested in improving the health of your trees with canopy reduction? You can contact our team at Ancient City Arbor LLC for an appointment by calling (904) 669-8460.

Benefits Associated with Canopy Reduction

Are you wondering why you should consider canopy reduction in St. Augustine? This tree service provides you with several benefits. Our team of professional tree surgeons outlines the advantages below:

Lower Odds of Limb Breakage

Heavily weighted branches put your tree under stress. Enough weight can even snap a branch, damaging your home or yard. Trees that grow heavy fruits often experience this problem.

Removing the weight from your tree reduces the odds of this kind of breakage, protecting the health of your tree.

Better Solar Penetration

A spreading tree canopy stops the sun from making it to the ground. If you’re interested in increasing the solar penetration on your property, perhaps to facilitate the growth of a garden or flowers, you can contact us for canopy reduction services.

Removal of Dead Branches

Some sections of the upper canopy die in trees as they age. Removing these parts of the tree gets rid of dead weight and improves the aesthetic appeal of your tree.

Avoidance of Power Lines

Finally, many property owners consider canopy reduction to keep their trees away from power lines. Keeping branches clear of power lines prevents outages during storms by keeping branches from falling on the wires.

Types of Canopy Reduction

Tree services technicians provide you with two primary options for canopy reduction.

Height Reduction

Height reduction removes branches from the top of your tree. We recommend against this form of canopy reduction in many cases because it impacts the tree’s future growth. However, the process may work well for some hedging species.

Width Reduction

In most cases, our crew focuses on width when taking care of canopy reduction. We selectively reduce or thin out your canopy. Improper canopy reduction can cause increased regrowth, which many property owners prefer to avoid.

Canopy Reduction Steps

We begin the canopy reduction process by assessing the trees on your property. Our highly trained crews discuss your options and then bring the equipment necessary to thin out your trees, removing branches and pruning them effectively.

We don’t consider the job done until we’ve cleaned all the debris. We always leave your property in beautiful condition after performing canopy reduction services.

Speak to Us About Canopy Reduction Options

Improve the health and appearance of your trees with canopy reduction in St. Augustine. Reach out to the expert team at Ancient City Arbor LLC to set up an appointment. We put our decades of experience to work for you when you call (904) 669-8460.

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