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Winter is approaching, and it’s time to prepare your trees for the cold weather. Trees, like humans, can suffer during the cold season, compromising their health and appearance. But fear not, as our team at Ancient City Arbor has you covered with essential winter tree care advice catered for trees in St. Augustine, FL.

With our extensive experience in tree trimming, pruning, removal, and tree services, we are well-aware of the unique tree species found in the St. Augustine area and how to maintain and care for them.

Several factors, like the harsh weather, cold temperatures, and snowstorms, can damage trees or even lead to their decline if not adequately cared for. Additionally, it’s important to understand the potential risks associated with poor tree maintenance, such as falling branches and tree diseases.

As a trusted tree service provider in St. Augustine, Ancient City Arbor is here to share some helpful tree care tips that every property owner should know.

Firstly, the importance of regular tree pruning during winter cannot be overstated. Pruning, when done correctly, can help maintain the tree’s structure and appearance, prevent damaged branches from causing further issues, and promote new and healthy growth when spring arrives.

Our team of arborists at Ancient City Arbor understands the specific needs of various local tree species and uses scientifically designed methods to ensure a neat and precise result.

Next, tree risk assessments are essential during winter to identify potential hazards like weak branches and structural damage that could lead to problems later on. These assessments should be carried out by skilled professionals, such as those at Ancient City Arbor, to guarantee that any necessary preventative measures are taken.

Lastly, trees may require additional care measures during winters, such as mulching and proper nutrition, to maintain their health. Fertilizing trees during the colder months provides them with essential nutrients for the upcoming growth season.

Keeping Your Trees Structurally Sound During Winter

The structural integrity of your trees is crucial during winter months, as harsh weather and snow can put significant stress on your trees. One of the most effective ways to keep trees structurally sound is through proper pruning—a task that should be done by skilled arborists like those found at Ancient City Arbor.

When pruning trees during winter, it’s essential to assess the entire tree and identify branches that need removal due to disease or risk of breakage. Be cautious not to over prune, as this can compromise the tree’s health and aesthetic appearance. Properly pruned trees will have adequate airflow while maintaining a strong and healthy branch structure.

Another essential aspect of keeping trees structurally sound during winter involves monitoring for bark splits and cracks. These may indicate the potential for limb failure and should be evaluated by a professional arborist for appropriate action.

Protecting Your Trees from Winter Pests and Diseases

Winter is also a time when trees can become susceptible to pests and diseases that thrive in cold weather conditions. One of the best ways to protect against these is to maintain the overall health of your trees through proper fertilization and care. Trees that receive adequate nutrients will be more resistant to pest infestations and disease.

Furthermore, avoid creating favorable environments for pests by keeping the area around your trees clean and free of debris. This includes removing any fallen leaves, branches, and fruit which can attract unwanted insects and rodents.

It is vital to keep an eye out for signs of infestation or disease, such as discolored leaves, unusual growths, or holes in the bark. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact a professional tree care company like Ancient City Arbor for guidance and assistance in addressing the issue.

Preventing Winter Drought and Desiccation

Despite the wet appearance of winter, cold weather can actually cause trees to experience a form of drought known as winter desiccation. When the ground freezes, the tree’s roots are unable to absorb water, leading to a decline in the tree’s health. During winters in St. Augustine, FL, one way to counteract winter desiccation is by applying a layer of mulch around the base of your trees.

Mulching is particularly beneficial for young trees and those with shallow root systems. A 2-4 inch layer of organic mulch, like shredded bark or wood chips, can aid in soil insulation and help retain necessary moisture. Remember to avoid piling mulch against the tree trunk, as this can create a habitat for pests and disease-causing fungi.

Preparing Your Trees for Spring Growth

As winter concludes and temperatures begin to rise, it’s essential to start preparing your trees for spring. Assess the overall health and structure of your trees by looking for any signs of damage that may have occurred over winter. This can include cracked or broken branches, bark damage, or fungal infections.

In addition to the inspection, early spring is the perfect time to fertilize your trees. Providing essential nutrients before the rapid growth period can set your trees up for a strong and healthy season. Consider consulting with a local arborist, like Ancient City Arbor, to determine the specific fertilizer requirements of your tree species.

Also, inspect the soil surrounding your trees for any signs of compaction. Compacted soil can inhibit proper root growth and nutrient absorption. If necessary, consider aerating the soil to help improve conditions for healthy root growth.


Caring for your trees during winter may seem like a daunting task, but following these expert tips from Ancient City Arbor can help ensure the continued health and beauty of St. Augustine’s local tree species. Regular pruning and monitoring for pests and diseases will keep your trees structurally sound, while preventing winter drought and desiccation through mulching and proper care can set them up for success in the coming months.

Remember, no two trees are the same, and each species may require a unique approach to winter care. Trust the skilled arborists at Ancient City Arbor to help guide you through the process, ensuring your trees remain an integral part of the St. Augustine, FL landscape for years to come.

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