3 Causes of Tree Damage and Importance of Removal Services

Trees are an essential part of our environment, providing shade and oxygen and improving air quality. They also add value to our properties, enhance the beauty of our surroundings, and create habitats for wildlife. However, trees are not immune to damage, and when they become damaged, they can pose a threat to people and property.

Today, we will discuss the three most common causes of tree damage and the importance of calling a professional tree removal service to assess and address the issue.

1. Weather-Related Damage

Weather is one of the most common causes of tree damage. Strong winds, heavy rain, snow, and ice can cause large limbs or entire trees to fall, damaging structures and endangering people. Trees that have already been weakened by disease, pests, or age are more susceptible to weather-related damage. In some cases, trees may appear healthy but have internal decay or root damage that makes them more vulnerable to weather-related damage.

If you suspect that your tree has been damaged by severe weather, it is important to call a professional tree removal service immediately. A professional arborist can assess the extent of the damage and determine whether the tree can be saved or needs to be removed for safety reasons. In some cases, pruning or cabling may be enough to mitigate the damage, but in other cases, removal may be the only option.

2. Pests and Diseases

Pests and disease are other common causes of tree damage. Insects like emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, and tent caterpillar can infest trees and cause significant damage to leaves, bark, and branches. Fungal diseases like Dutch elm disease, oak wilt, and apple scab can also weaken trees and make them more vulnerable to pests and weather-related damage.

When you spot indications of pests or diseases on your tree, like holes in its trunk, drooping leaves, or unusual color of the bark, it’s crucial to contact a professional tree removal service immediately. An expert arborist can determine the specific pest or disease and suggest the most suitable solution. Sometimes, trimming or treating the tree might be sufficient to rescue it; however, in other instances, removing the tree might be required to stop the infestation from spreading to nearby trees.

3. Human Activity

Finally, tree damage can also result from human activities. This includes harm caused by construction, digging, or incorrect trimming of trees. When trees are not pruned correctly, they become weak and more prone to infestations, illnesses, and damage from weather conditions. Construction and excavation activities can negatively impact tree roots and soil composition, making it challenging for trees to take in essential nutrients and water.

When undertaking a construction or digging project close to trees, it is crucial to seek advice from a tree removal expert. A professional arborist can evaluate the possible effects on the trees and suggest ways to lessen the harm. If the damage has already taken place, the expert arborist can assess the severity and recommend the most suitable course of action.


All in all, tree damage can occur due to various factors ranging from natural causes like weather conditions and diseases to human activities such as construction and improper pruning. To prevent or mitigate tree damage, it is essential to pay attention to the health of the trees, monitor for infestations or diseases, and consult a professional arborist when undertaking projects that may affect trees. By taking these precautions, we can ensure the well-being of our trees and the overall health of our environment.

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