Everything You Need to Know About Chopping Down Trees

Trees are one of the most important parts of our ecosystem. They provide us with oxygen, help regulate temperature and moisture levels in the atmosphere, and provide habitats for many animals. But trees must be removed to prevent further damage when they are damaged or diseased.

We want to talk to you about how you can safely and effectively remove trees from your property.

How to Select a Tree to Cut Down?

Chopping down a tree is a big job, and you need to be sure that the tree will fall safely and in the right direction.

Here are some tips on picking the right tree:

  • Look for trees that have been damaged by disease or insects. These trees are more likely to fall over because they have weak spots in their trunks or branches.
  • Check trees for signs of decay, like cracks or holes in the trunk or limbs, which could cause them to break off during cutting.
  • Choose tall trees with large crowns that shade surrounding plants or structures when they fall over since they will be much safer than smaller ones which may bounce around as they come crashing down.

Chopping Down Your Tree

Once you’ve selected your tree and found a spot where it won’t damage anything else, it’s time to start chopping! Here’s how to safely cut down your tree:

1. Have a helper stand at the base of your tree with an ax, hatchet, or saw in hand.

2. Use a chainsaw to make several cuts on opposite sides of the trunk about three feet above ground level (or just below where branches begin).

3. Cut through any remaining branches or limbs too big to chop off by hand once they fall.

4. Have your helper pull on one of the chainsaw cuts while you push down on another cut to snap off the trunk.

5. If you’re using an ax or hatchet, clear away any branches that could fall on you as they come crashing down.

What Happens After Cutting Down the Tree?

Once you’ve cut down your tree, you’re probably wondering what happens next. Here’s the lowdown on how to get rid of your trees without hurting the environment.

1. Take the tree to a transfer station or landfill. You can take your tree to a transfer station or landfill if you can access one. This will make it easier for them to process and recycle the wood and branches from your tree.

2. Ensure all the wood is removed from your yard before rain falls. If there is any leftover wood after cutting down a tree, make sure that all of it is removed from your yard before heavy rain falls. This will help prevent soil erosion and runoff into streams, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water within their watersheds—which could lead to pollution problems for wildlife along those waterways!

3. Be sure not to leave branches lying around for small animals like squirrels or birds; they could risk injury by stepping on them as they travel around their habitats!

4. Don’t leave any sawdust on your property or in the street or alleyway; this could attract insects and rodents like mice, rats, voles, and pack rats.

5. Finally, ensure that all of the debris from cutting down your tree is disposed of properly!


It’s important to remember that tree removal is serious and shouldn’t be rushed into. If you’re not experienced with doing it yourself, then it’s best to hire professionals. You can easily find a tree service in your area that can help with the removal process. They will ensure that all the debris is disposed of properly so that it doesn’t become an eyesore or cause problems for animals or nearby people!

Get a certified arborist in St Augustine, FL to come out and assess your tree; they will let you know if it’s safe. We can help you with tree removal, stump grinding, and other services! Contact Ancient City Arbor today to learn more!

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