The Consequences of Not Grinding or Removing Your Tree Stump

You may decide to take a tree out of your landscaping, whether it was damaged by a severe storm that toppled one in your yard or you simply like a little more sunshine and less shade. The decision then becomes whether to remove the stump or not. 

There are reasons why you shouldn’t put off removing the entire tree, even though stump removal will increase the expense.

What Occurs If a Stump Isn’t Ground or Removed?

The adorable tree stump in your yard may appeal to you, or perhaps your children like playing on it. So is it really important to remove tree stumps? Tree stumps can cause a number of issues with your lawn’s health and the security of your home over time.

Below are potential issues brought on by a stump that was left behind.

Further Tree Development

Cutting a tree down to a stump may appear to be a permanent solution, but if the tree’s roots are still robust, new shoots may grow. New trees will eventually emerge and absorb nutrients from the nearby yards and gardens. 

Additionally, if the new tree is allowed to develop for a sufficient amount of time, it may produce a multi-trunked tree that is more difficult and expensive to remove than the original stump.

Damage to Property

The root system of the tree stump may cause damage to the neighborhood by elevating driveways and sidewalks or by cracking the foundation of a house if it continues to spread its roots. 

Tree roots can also obstruct your favorite landscaping elements, such as a well-kept lawn or hand-stacked stone retaining walls, and damage subterranean utilities.

The Spread of Decay

The roots and stumps of trees will eventually rot and decompose. The growth of mold or fungi on the stump could be harmful to the health of your family. 

The decaying root system may also infect nearby trees or plants, presenting you with a zombie garden full of dead vegetation.


Pests will be drawn to a decaying tree stump, but even a stump that hasn’t begun to rot will be a welcoming home for termites, ants, beetles, and other insects. 

If termites and other wood-boring insects get into your house through the front-yard stump, you might then have to pay for further extermination services.

Safety Issues

Children and animals may enjoy running around your yard and jumping over the stump, but they could break a leg with one careless leap. If you trip over a stump while wandering across the yard at night, stumps can be dangerous to adults as well.

Space and Curb Appeal

In the event that you cut down a sizable tree in your yard, the stump can occupy space that would be better utilized for a gazebo or garden. A tree stump may be lovely to you, but your neighbors may find it unsightly, especially if it starts to decay.

Lawn Care

Imagine having to cut the grass while navigating around a stump when you’re already struggling to mow the yard. The removal of tree stumps and their roots may also result in new shoots that take more time.


The stump doesn’t begin to degrade until four to seven years, but in the interim, the root system may begin to sprout new shoots on or around the stump. 

It’s ideal to have the stump removed concurrently with the tree removal if you’re choosing a local company to cut down a tree in your yard. In order to prevent damage to your lawn and house, you should get rid of the stump as soon as the tree is down.

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