The Common Ornamental Trees That Grow Fast

Ornamental trees quickly became one of the most sought-after features in landscaping, as they provide a unique and attractive addition to any garden. Aside from that, they come in various shapes and sizes, making them an excellent choice for any homeowner. Whether you’re seeking to add a pop of color to your yard or make a statement with a larger tree, ornamental trees are a perfect choice.

However, many homeowners need to realize that certain ornamental trees are known to grow faster than others. Knowing which ornamental trees grow quickly can be quite helpful for tree care services, especially for those looking to add a bit of greenery to their outdoor space without waiting a long time for it to mature.

Red Maple Trees

Have you ever wondered why most homeowners prefer planting red maple trees in their yards? Well, the answer is simple—red maple trees are known to grow faster than most other ornamental trees. They can grow up to two feet per year, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to have a full, lush garden in no time.

Aside from that, these trees are often known for their vibrant red foliage, which can provide a wonderful contrast to the green foliage of other trees. The red maple tree is quite drought-resistant and can survive in various climates, making it an ideal tree for homeowners in all regions.

Redwood (Sequoia) Trees

If you’re a fan of tall and majestic plants, consider planting a redwood (Sequoia) tree in your yard. Redwoods are some of the oldest living trees in the world and can reach heights of over 300 feet. Additionally, these trees are quite hardy and can survive in various climates, making them an excellent choice for homeowners worldwide.

Aside from their impressive height, redwoods feature a deep, reddish-brown bark. This bark helps protect the trees from both the elements and insect damage. Additionally, redwoods grow fast, so if you were to contact tree care services to get them planted in your yard, you’d be able to enjoy their beauty for many years.

Cider Gum Trees

Another type of ornamental tree that can transform your space and add a majestic touch to any garden is the cider gum tree. Native to New Zealand, this evergreen is considered a fast-growing species, reaching heights of around 30 feet.

The cider gum tree features a smooth, silver-gray bark, and its leaves are glossy and dark green. In spring and summer, the cider gum tree produces small, white flowers that are quite fragrant. These flowers are quite popular among pollinators and attract various bees and butterflies.

American Elm Trees

The American elm tree is one of the most prevalent trees in the United States. These trees can expand up to 100 feet tall and provide a strong, majestic presence in any outdoor space. 

American elm trees are deciduous trees that grow throughout North America and are often found lining streets and parks. With a rounded canopy, these trees are known for their attractive foliage and strong wood. It is also characterized by its light gray bark and bright, glossy green leaves. The American elm tree produces small, clustered flowers in the spring, followed by small, round fruits in late summer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, as a part of your tree care services, many varieties of ornamental trees are available to choose from for landscaping purposes. With proper care and maintenance, these trees can provide beauty to any outdoor area for years to come.

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