Reasons to Keep Shrubs and Trees Away from Your Home

When it comes to your home, you want to do everything you can to protect it. That includes being aware of the potential damage that plants can cause. While plants are undoubtedly beautiful and can add value to your home, they can also cause severe damage. 

The most direct way plants can damage your home is by falling on it. This can be due to high winds, heavy rain, or simply the weight of the plant itself. A tree falling on your home can cause significant damage, especially if it is large.

Vines can also cause damage to your home by growing into cracks in the foundation or walls. This can cause the cracks to widen and potentially lead to structural damage. Plants can also hold moisture against the house, leading to rot and mold.

If you have plants near your home, it’s essential to inspect them regularly and remove any dead branches or vines. It’s also a good idea to consult a professional to ensure that the plants are properly trimmed and supported. Taking these precautions can help ensure that your home is protected from the potential damage that plants can cause.

What to Remember 

Make sure the tree or shrub doesn’t block windows or doors. Keep an eye on the roots. Some roots can grow under and damage foundations.

In addition, be careful of branches that hang over the house. They could fall and damage the roof. Finally, regularly check for dead branches and trim them back. You must also remember to keep an eye out for pests and diseases.

But why should you care about these things? Read on to learn more about why shrubs and trees should be away from the house.

Damage to the Home’s Foundation

A tree that is too close to a house can damage the foundation and structure of the house. The roots can dig into the ground and cause problems. The tree can also block sunlight and cause the place to be too shady.

Prone to Pets and Water 

Water and pests can enter your home through gaps in your siding. To prevent this, ensure no plants or trees are touching your siding, as this provides an easy entry point for both. Trim any plants that are too close to your siding, and keep an eye out for any new growth that could get too close in the future.

Faulty Utility Lines

Planting a tree too close to your house can damage your foundation or utility lines. Also, the tree can affect the moisture in the ground, which can cause problems with your foundation.

Harmful Tree Limbs 

The other hazard is that the roots of the tree can damage the foundation of the house. The roots can grow under the foundation and lift it or break through the foundation itself. Smaller bushes can be placed closer, but no trees, bushes, or branches should touch the side of your home or any structure.


In conclusion, It’s important to keep shrubs and trees away from your house for a number of reasons. First, they can provide shelter for animals that could cause damage to your home, such as rodents and insects. Second, they can block sunlight and airflow, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. 

Third, they can drop leaves and branches that can clog gutters and downspouts. Finally, they can attract pests that can infest your home, such as termites. By keeping shrubs and trees trimmed and away from your house, you can help protect your home from damage.

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