Deciding When to Remove a Tree: A Beginner’s Guide

Removing a tree from your property may be a straightforward decision. However, it may also be a difficult one, depending on the circumstances. How can you make this decision? This blog post will help you.

Deciding When to Remove a Tree: A Beginner’s Guide

Question 1 – Is It a Desirable Species?

Unwanted species of trees completely cast a shadow over your property. Such trees also damage your property when they fall down. If you want to remove an unwanted tree, then your first step is to ensure that it is the desired species. It is a good idea to ask your neighbors whether they have the same problems with the tree. You should also ask them whether they want the tree removed.

Question 2 – Is There Trunk Damage?

Furthermore, if you wish to remove a tree, you should pay attention to a trunk injury, if there is any. It is a good idea to remove the tree if you cannot fix the trunk damage. It may ultimately lead to the collapse of the tree.

Question 3 – Is the Tree Dead?

The next step of the decision-making process is to determine whether the tree is dead. Dead trees can still cause further damage to your property if they fall down. It is a good idea to remove a dead tree as soon as possible.

Question 4 – Is It Causing a Problem?

In general, you should also take into account whether the tree is causing any problems. For instance, you may be having problems with squirrels. If so, then you should consider removing the tree.

Question 5 – Do You Want to Build Something?

If you want to build something on your property, then it is a good idea to remove the tree beforehand. It is a good idea to remove any trees that may obstruct planned construction.

Question 6 – Are There Large Dead Branches?

If you live in a pest-ridden area, then you should make sure that there are no large dead branches on the tree. The reason behind this is that large dead branches can hold heavy weights. If you remove them, then you will decrease the risk of the tree falling.

Question 7 – Are There Damage or Decay Problems?

Finally, you should make sure that the tree does not have any damage or decay problems. If you fail to remove these problems, then they may lead to further damage. The tree may also fall down if it has decay problems.

Question 8 – Is the Tree Hollow?

If the tree is hollow and you live in an area where there are large animals, then you should remove the tree. If the tree falls down, then it can damage essential public infrastructure.


Overall, the decision-making process should be an easy one. You should still ensure that you follow the procedure above. The steps are straightforward and logical. If you follow them, then you should be able to make a precise decision about removing a tree from your property. Contacting a professional arborist is the way to go should you still be unsure.

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