Debunking the Most Popular Myths Surrounding Tree Removal

Sometimes, even a healthy-looking tree can actually be suffering. It could be dealing with a disease, have an ongoing infestation or even be quite close to its life span’s last legs. The moment disease mitigation or pruning can’t preserve the health of a tree, having it taken down is the safest option. It’s a great way to minimize injury to your property, neighborhood, and even your family.

Do you have a tree that’s decaying in your backyard? Do you want to get it removed but find yourself on the fence because tree removal has a lot of myths surrounding it? If so, in this blog, you will be able to uncover the truth behind some of the most popular tree removal myths.

Myth #1: Leaving the Stump in Is Harmless

When most tree removal companies remove a tree, they also remove the stump. As a result, homeowners might opt not to remove it because they would rather not pay an additional fee. But this is a bad decision all around. A stump that’s decaying will essentially become breeding grounds for ants, termites, and other insects.

Myth #2: There Will Be a Large Hole in the Yard Post-Stump Removal

This is more of a misleading statement than anything. Yes, there will be a big hole after stump removal, but the tree stump removal contractor will definitely fill it. The hole left from the removed tree stump won’t just be filled, either; it will also be leveled with the rest of the lawn. 

This can be done by filling it with sawdust from the removal process, compacting it, then topping it off with dirt or topsoil. As the sawdust decomposes, the topsoil will blend in with the rest of your lawn, creating a level surface.

Myth #3: Tree Removal Does Not Have Long-Term Side Effects

Aside from the aesthetic effect of taking an infected or aging tree and having it removed, there are several long-term side effects you need to look out for. 

Tree roots, for example, are crucial in soil erosion prevention. Once those roots decay or decompose, erosion could increase significantly if no other plants grow in the gap. You will regularly have to monitor the soil to see if it’s eroding, and you can set up a net to catch the soil until other plants grow back in.

Myth #4: Tree Stump Removal Cannot Happen without Chemicals Being Used

It’s true that there are existing chemicals that help a stump’s remaining wood to dissolve. However, this is not what stump removal professionals would use. Instead, they use a machine with rotating wheel blades, known as a stump grinder. It’s about to chip the wood away gradually until it’s all out of the ground.

Myth #5: Trees Should Only Be Removed If They’re Dead

Trees are a fantastic source of shade, so homeowners tend to stay away from removing any of them. When a tree has broken branches or an infection, though, it’s vital to be proactive in removing it in order to fend off disease spreading and accidental falling. This way, family members and neighbors can stay protected.


A perfectly healthy-looking tree could be hiding an infection or disease. While tree removal is a great solution, many myths exist surrounding it. These include tree stump removal being impossible without chemicals and leaving the stump being harmless.

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