Stumping Problem: Should You Go for Stump Removal or Grinding

If there is a stump inside your property, it is prudent to remove it because it is a safety hazard. Your kids can tumble because of the stump. Even if you do not have small children that may be endangered because of the stump, pests can take refuge in it. Thus, you become more vulnerable to pests, such as termites and rodents. 

With that said, you might be asking how to get rid of it? Should you do stump grinding? Or should you carry out a stump removal? To help you make an informed decision, you should study this piece. 

Are There Differences Between Stump Removal and Stump Grinding?

As you may already know, there are two ways to remove a tree stump – stump grinding and stump removal. Both methods have their pros and cons. You might have a lot of questions about these two, such as:

  • What is the difference between these two? 
  • Which one is better? 
  • How do these two processes work? 
  • What are their pros and cons?

The primary difference between stump grinding and stump removal is the way to get rid of the stump. The former is done by using a machine with a rotating drum that uses sharp teeth to grind the stump. The result is chips of wood. 

Stump removal, on the other hand, is a hit-and-miss method. It is done by using a chainsaw to cut the stump. This method will leave the roots, which you will then pull out. If you want to use the stump for something, you can use a chipper.

How Far Does Stump Grinding Go?

If you opt for stump grinding, it starts at the top of the stump. Some stump grinders can go as far as 18 inches into the ground. Nonetheless, it is best to check with the manufacturer for the grinding depth. 

Anyone can carry out the process. You will need to rent a stump grinder. Prepare for stump grinding by collecting all the tools and materials you need, such as wheelbarrows, wheel chocks, safety goggles, ear and nose protection, gloves, safety shoes, etc. It will be best if you have a helper.

What Happens to the Roots Left behind after Stump Grinding?

You may be wondering where the roots will go. Well, some stump grinders have a mechanism that collects the roots. If not, it will be best if you bag the roots and throw them away. 

Remember that the roots may continue to grow if you do not remove them, so you must get rid of them. When the grinding process is done, you will have wood chips. This wood is not suitable for compost or the fireplace. It is better to discard it by hauling it to the dump or mulching it.

If the roots are not removed, they will grow into sprouts that you will have to get rid of again. If you want to keep a stump for mulch, you should use a chipper to cut it into smaller pieces. 


Stump grinding and stump removal are both effective ways to get rid of tree stumps. However, it is best to carefully weigh the pros and cons of these processes before making your decision. Consider the cost and time needed for each method. 

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