Stumped: Should You Grind or Remove This Tricky Tree Trial?

When you’re left with a stump after removing the central part of a tree, you have to decide what to do with it.

  • The first option is to leave it in your yard untouched, but there are a few things to consider, like whether or not it will become an eyesore or that other trees might grow around it.
  • The second option is to extract the stump and the rest in one fell swoop, either by grinding or digging up the stump.

Here are practical solutions to common questions about why you should remove a tree stump or simply put it through stump grinding:

What Exactly Should You Do?

After removing a tree from your yard, in addition to the heavy-lifting involved with removing tree parts, you also get to deal with the leftover stump. What should you do with it? Read on.

Why You Should Remove a Stump

According to HomeAdvisor, when deciding whether or not to remove a stump, homeowners should determine if they like the look of the stump or if the stump is in the way of something vital. HomeAdvisor recommends removing a stump if you can since leaving it behind can be a nuisance and can make it difficult to plant a new tree.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Stump Lying Around

After stumps are separated from a tree that once stood in your yard, they begin to decompose. This prolonged process gives pests a place to build nests and reproduce. Not only will pests from stumps invade other plants and trees, but they can also endanger your home. Stump grinding or removal is best to avoid these pest problems.

Not Yet Convinced? Keep Reading

Other reasons you should consider removing a tree stump are:

  • It’s ugly by itself, and it could affect your property value.
  • You can’t plant new trees nearby unless you remove the stump and roots, or the mower will cut off the roots—and possibly the tree—during your next mowing session.

Which Is Better: Grinding or Removal?

Stump grinding or removal? Deciding between the two processes generally comes down to your future landscaping plans.

Stump grinding involves using a machine to shred the stump into small wood chips, while stump removal requires lifting the stump with heavy machinery and then digging out the roots. You can imagine that grinding is much less time-intensive than removal but leaves the roots intact.

If you choose to remove the stump, you’re left with an open space for new plants, but the area may be an eyesore until it’s filled in. Choosing to grind will allow you to use the chips for mulch but leave the roots behind.

Post-Procedure Effects

When a tree is cut down, the trunk will be processed at a mill and turned into various wood products like paper pulp or lumber. However, the roots remain underground after the tree has been removed, absorbing water and nutrients. These roots will continue to grow, but it takes a long time. 

After several years, they begin to break down, reducing both the risk of soil erosion and the accessibility of nutrients for newly planted trees. It maintains the status quo without being an unsightly view to your neighbors or passersby.

Not sure which method is better for dealing with a stump? Contact your local arborist for help.

Don’t Be Stumped Any Longer

Stump extraction is an immediate solution against pests and unsightliness but could just become another eyesore in the long run. Stump grinding, on the other hand, achieves the same results while making use of wood chippings and preventing soil erosion. Until you know exactly what to do with a hole in your soil, we recommend opting for stump grinding for best results.

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